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Core Nutritionals SHRED

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Core SHRED is a late night, or early morning, dream. It is packed with thermogenic ingredients, lipolytic helpers, and a great profile to help you get a little more out of that workout. AND it does it all without jump starting your nervous system with stimulants. Hell, you can stack it if you want with out any overlap! What do they have to say about it? Check it out below!

It’s late evening and you need to crush your workout – worst of all, your deep in a diet. You haven’t taken your thermogenic yet, you know you need to, but you also know that downing a few hundred milligrams of stimulants at 8 PM is not conducive to healthy sleep patterns. So, what do you do?

Prior to now, you sucked it up and chugged your ultra-potent and effective stimulant-based thermogenic (such as BURN Powder!) and dealt with the consequences. But as of now, you take a scoop of the ultra-potent and equally effective, non-stimulant-based thermogenic Core SHRED.

We’ve taken our typical approach to product formulation – proven ingredients at clinically-effective and clinically-proven serving sizes – and applied it to creating a comprehensive, multiple-pathway non-stimulant thermogenic product. The result is a product covering major pathways of lipolysis in multiple, non-redundant, and synergistic ways, all without any neurological stimulation whatsoever.

Whether you’re taking a break from stimulants, are stimulant sensitive, or simply want a non-stimulant thermogenic to stack with our excellent stimulant-based offerings, Core SHRED is the perfect solution. Use it anytime, night or day, to help crush your regular exercise program and consistent diet!