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Like A Pro Complete Health

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Collection: Immune Support

Vendor: Like A Pro

Like a Pro makes nothing but the highest quality, highest dosed, and most effective products the industry has ever seen. Complete health is no different in this regard. 
It has more or less every ingredient you can fathom for general health. Strong, if not over the top, servings of NAC, C, D3, K2, E, B6, CoQ10, Mg, Astragalus, Bergamonte, Rejuna, Grape Seed Extract, and Pine Bark Extract. Only the most advanced 

There's a ton of consideration for the liver, blood pressure, blood lipids, and heart health. That's largely from all of the named extracts and NAC. You then have the calcium control, blood function (clotting and directing where calcium is to go in conjunction with D3), muscle and nerve health, and finally energy production and nerve health from some of the vitamins and minerals. That's the D/K/E and friends.

Even at its loftier price tag you save money buying this. Its retailed at ~124 but just building out 3/4th's of this you save. And for most people you absolutely only need half a serving so it will last two months as well. Its a super solid buy, and probably your best bang for you buck PARTICULARLY if you are a more advanced consumer!