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Glaxon Plasm Surge 2.0

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The Ultimate Pre-Workout Pump Product

 Are you looking to maximize your workouts and get a pump so intense you’d swear your skin was about to tear? That’s the feeling you can achieve after each serving of Glaxon Plasm Surge.

 This non-stimulant formula is the ultimate pre-workout pump product to dilate your blood vessels, engorge your muscles with nutrient-rich blood, remove toxins such as lactic acid from the muscles, and create an almost cartoonish muscle pump that will have you doing a doubletake in the mirror.

 Not only does Glaxon Plasm Surge help increase nitric oxide production to allow for some sleeve-splitting pumps, but the all-encompassing formula includes patented ingredients to help boost strength, power, and endurance – all while reducing fatigue, supporting recovery, and improving hydration.


Who Can Benefit from This Stimulant-Free Pre-Workout?

 So many love the effective formula behind Glaxon Plasm Surge because anyone and everyone can use this pre-workout pump product. Men, women, gym rats, weekend warriors, and even highly trained professional athletes.

 By formulating a pre-workout product without the use of caffeine and other stimulants, you can use Glaxon Plasm Surge any time of day – morning, afternoon, and even at night.

 Most pre-workouts that are loaded with stimulants, when used at night, can cause you to lay wide awake until the effects of the stimulants wear off. You don’t need to worry about any of that with Glaxon Plasm Surge.

 If you’re looking for a hard-hitting stim-free pre-workout pump product that provides you with everything you want and need, and none of the junk that you don’t, we’re confident you’ll never switch pre-workout products ever again, once you try Glaxon Plasm Surge.