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Gut Microbiome Support With Pre-, Pro-, and Post-Biotics

  • Core Probiotic Blend™ - Custom formulated blend of live organisms to provide the gut with beneficial bacterial support.
  • Core Biome® Tributryin - Postbiotic that aids in the body's inflammatory response and stimulating growth of new cells
  • SunFiber® - Prebiotic fiber that can help increase the absorption of important macronutrients and vital minerals

Core GUT was formulated to provide all around GI tract support with beneficial bacteria in a custom probiotic blend, a useable form of food for these microorganisms in a prebiotic, beneficial by-products in a post biotic, and digestive enzymes to aid in the breakdown of crucial nutrients. This combination of ingredients has been shown to support the growth of healthy gut bacteria*, enhance immune function*, provide support for gut lining integrity*, and display protective effects on gut environment*.