NutraBio; When Quality is Paramount

We carry a lot of NutraBio products; that is no secret. That lends us to often having people ask us, "Why do you carry so much NutraBio? What about them is so special?". Really, it comes down to quality and authenticity. 

That right there is why we have such a wide breadth of their products. The owner, Mark Glazier made it his mission to make quality the very core of every product the company makes. He does this in a few ways, the first by having tight control over his manufacturing. That is a literal sense of that too, as all NutraBio products are manufactured here in Jersey. Beyond that, he maintains whats known as a cGMP manufacturing plant. For those who are lost on that acronym, it stands for current Good Manufacturing Process. This is an extremely intricate and detailed system that captures E V E R Y detail of processing. That means if you wanted to pull up a unit made in say 2014 and ask for their paper trail, NutraBio will have it.

That's is one step, but really who is to say that paperwork isn't faked? Shady and dishonest, but worse things have happened in the supplement industry. So NutraBio pulls out the big guns and actually ASKS the FDA to come and audit them. That is the equivalent of asking your dentist to come verify that you're actually flossing every day. FDA audits rely on cGMP documentation, verify that the information contained within the cGMP documents match with reality, as well as actually touring the facility and watching the manufacturing process start to finish. This can take weeks and if they find something they don't like (and this could literally be down to the type of pens being used!), they will cite you for it. 

So yea, quality. And look its not quality for the sake of quality either. It is quality for the sake of you, the consumer. There have been plenty of incidents where products have been tainted or recalled. This is quality for the sake of actually being effective! And that is where the authenticity kicks in. 

Mark, and his entire team, are quality people and they are authentic as can be. They admit their faults, weaknesses, blemishes, and shortcomings. They market themselves in an honest and true way. They make products that have scientifically sound rationale and proper dosing. And they're don't try and play it up past that. No military style naming, no hyper sexualized athletes, and no claims that are just over the top. It authentically stands on their quality products. End story.

Lets start off by saying this is NOT a knock on other companies we carrying for being poor quality. That simply is not the case. Rather, NutraBio goes through some painstakingly intricate hoops when it comes to manufacturing their products. We only stock products that we feel are of quality worth your time, but NutraBio puts themselve in a class of their own. And we couldn't be happier to offer you their products.