Curcumin Advanced by Nutrabio

Nutrabio is on a warpath, dropping new quality product after another. This one is Curcumin Advanced, a product aimed at delivering the highest quality and most bioavailable curcuminoids.

Nutrabio leads this with 400mg of the curcuminoids itself. But this isn't just a bolus of Tumeric, it's a highly standardized to the curcuminoids using Curcumin C3 Reduct. Immediately we are leading with a really heavy bet on standardization yielding a higher benefit.

It helps further improve this by adding in AstraGin and Bioperine. Both of these are here as they increase bio-availability of ingredients they are co-ingested with. They interfere with enzymes and complexes that usually metabolize curcuminoids rapidly, which allow them more time to remain intact and exert their beneficial effect. Bromelain may also be added here for that, as this also breaks down proteins. If nothing else this just aids in digestive improvements even more.

The Ginger Root Extract is likely here as either a synergistic addon, or to confir it's own anti-inflammatory benefits in the wake of all of these other ingredients. And honestly I wouldn't be surprised if the net effect is additively positive. Overall what you should expect is improved inflammation control, yielding benefits from joint relief to digestive improvements.

I'm super interested and happy to see Nutrabio doing things like this. Especially in the wake of the FDA's new supplement arm coming to light, companies like Nutrabio will be great role models as well as an extremely reliable company to choose. It's why this product, and a lot of other Nutrabio is found on the shelves at @myofactorsupplements and on our site!