What is the point of Supplements?

Why Supplements?

     Good nutrition is absolutely a must for a healthy lifestyle. With a poor diet, and therefore poor nutrition, the body won’t function properly. However, it is not always the easiest to absolutely nail your food intake every day. That doesn’t just mean how many meals you get, or how many calories you ingest, it but the quality and content of what you eat. That’s where supplements come into play. They are meant to fill the needs of your diet in a, no pun intended, supplemental manner.

     There are a plethora of supplements available on the market. There are pre-workouts, fat-burners, proteins, amino acids, all of the raw micronutrients, the list is quite literally endless. They can very conveniently fill calories, macro and micronutrients, give you that extra boost of energy, and improve how you perform in and out of the gym. Some supplements can even provide cognitive enhancement and alleviate joint pain and stiffness. The applications of supplements grow everyday, and the market reflects this. This industry alone generates billions a year, and it has only been growing.

     With such a large and growing market, there has never been more selection and more answers to your specific supplemental needs. Vegan options, non-GMO, mass gainers, nootropics, micronutrients, vitamins, the list is literally endless. Quite literally, it is harder to NOT find a supplement to suit your needs. With such massive growth though, comes bad players. There’s a decent amount of companies out there that have false or crap labels, poor doses, poor manufacturing, ect.. As with any industry there is no shortage of people who are willing to take advantage of those with minimal knowledge or struggling to change their life. A quick google search of fraud supplement companies, and their following lawsuits, will show you just how many companies are willing to mislead you to make money. In respect to the industry as a whole, these companies are in the relative minority which is great. On the flip side, the companies you hear about making false claims or bad products can be large players in the market. This puts a decent amount of burden on you, the consumer. We don’t want this to be the case, and that’s why we so diligently choose our brands.

     The most bought sports supplements are proteins and pre-workouts. For these the recommendations vary. Proteins, and pretty much any other macronutrient product, have to/should properly list a nutrition label. It should list the total calories, macronutrient amounts, some specific micronutrient amounts, as well as whatever allergens there are present. For these, we look for FDA/cGMP stamps. It ensures that what you’re getting is EXACTLY what you’re getting. That’s why our shelves are somewhat bias towards companies like NutraBio, Rule1, and MTS, to name a few, in this category. Now what does protein do? Well, it's pretty much the building block for lean tissues. Not only that but it has a profound role in improving metabolism, performance, recovery, and overall well being! There is no reason NOT to supplement with protein, barring any medical condition.

     Pre-workouts can be another story when it comes to quality. Everyone has different wants, tastes, preferences and likings when it comes to this. Sometimes the “shady” pre-workouts work the best for some; the underground pre-workouts that are on the edge of insanity. Other people may want to go back to the points mentioned above, where there is no room for any funny business at all. This is where we excel, as we are able to use our experience and knowledge to really pinpoint what may work best for you. Why bother with something like this? If you do not have the energy to get to or through your exercise, you won't see your improvements that you seek! Even if energy is not your problem, plenty of preworkouts enhance performance, energy output, maximal strength, or endurance without giving you energy. Again, that's where expertise comes into play; we deeply care about making sure you're getting something that fits your needs.

     Finally, supplements are just that; SUPPLEMENTS. They are in no way shape or form going to magically give you the body you want. They are there to fill gaps in dietary needs and give a slight boost to performance. Food should always be your first choice when coming to getting your dietary needs. Plus if you don’t get regular exercise in some form, eat like garbage all the time, or get poor sleep supplements are likely not going to do you much good. In fact, they can work against you in some cases. Anyone worth your time should tell you exactly that, and if they don’t, they aren’t worth it. Once you have gotten those three pillars in some shape then you are ready to dabble in some supplements.

    We hope you choose us when do make the jump into the supplement world. Not for just your business, but because we genuinely enjoy seeing you reach your goals. There is no reason for you to waste countless dollars trying to navigate this landscape yourself where people will sell you just anything, regardless of your goals. So let us help guide you towards products that are the best for YOU and YOUR goals. We promise you won’t be disappointed.