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COVID-19 : Supplements that Boost Your Immune System

by MYOFACTOR Supplements
COVID-19 : Supplements that Boost Your Immune System
COVID-19 has swept the nation, causing gyms to close down and keep us self quarantined in our homes. The important thing for us to do now is to maintain a clean lifestyle and maintain a healthy immune system. In this blog we are going to explain supplements that help your immune system stay strong in these trying times.


When the human body is compromised glutamine is set out in large sums. It is used as a fuel source for our immune cells to fend off any bacteria or virus just the same as vitamin c. The thing is vitamin c isn't the be all end all to cure anything. Rather like glutamine, our body is torching through its supply as mounting an immune response is energetically demanding and expensive.


Magnesium rich foods and supplements work very well as part of our bodies immune response system. It increases the formation of antibodies and acts on cells making them more proactive. It's very efficient when fighting anything that isn't supposed to be in our body.


When you're sick or even feeling some symptoms your body is at war. Our immune system will use chemical warfare to destroy what needs to be. Martian is a concentrate of antioxidant powder and vitamin c. It's defiantly a boost to fend off any microbial.   
None of these are a cure and won't prevent or even treat a disease, but they can assist your body in the fight. If you feel you are sick or have any symptoms of COVID-19 we highly suggest you speak with a medical professional.

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